About Paranoid Larry

We first came across Paranoid Larry when we climbed the roof ladder, gear in tow, for a video shoot. The site had been scouted a week earlier, but now, as we climbed, we heard someone singing at the top of his lungs. "So," we thought, "one more problem to add to the long list that always plagues even the simplest of video productions". But our always inventive director decided we could make this looney part of the shot, and discretely told us to begin rolling. Watching the playback was the first time we really listened to what he had been singing, and we realized he was telling a story. Not only that, but it was a story worth hearing.

So at that point, we put off the video shoot and tried to convince our new friend Larry (later affectionately dubbed Paranoid Larry by us) to come downstairs where we had access to a recording studio for the weekend. It wasn't easy at first, but Alex, our producer, seemed to have a strange rapport with him, and, with the promise of some beer and potato chips, he got Larry to come down.

Well, once he got going, there was no stopping him, and when various musicians dropped in on the studio, everbody stayed to join in. The results are this CD, which is presented in the same order that it was recorded, except for the last two tracks, which, oddly enough, nobody can remember even playing on! It was while listening to the playback of "Down a Hole" that we noticed that Paranoid Larry was gone, and we haven't seen him since.

If anyone knows of his whereabouts, please let us know through our Paranoid Larry website. And Larry, if you're reading this, please call.

-- Skip Douglas, Production Assistant, Prove It Music