Reviews and Opinions
Rick Wakeman (Keyboard player for YES): Brilliant!


Read about the Roches performing Larry's song Jesus Shaves at the Albany Times Union website!

"I was prepared for total silence when I put his self-titled CD in my player, instead there was a clever collection of politically silly (the two go hand-in-hand) songs. I'd 'imagine' Larry and his imaginary band are quite fun live (there's a Roches connection), or maybe not, or maybe yes, I don't know . . . . Okay, I'm just being paranoid now.

LARRY'S COMMENT: Silly? Maybe you think shape-shifting interdimensional reptilians running the White House is silly, but it scares the *#%@ outta me!

"Your cd recently hit our shelves and I have been spinning the disc with lots of calls. Wanna do some on-air here in Bridgeport, CT?"
- Doug E.

"I run the UK-based but internationally read online music magazine - I am writing to ask whether we could arrange to review Paranoid Larry's 'PARANOID LARRY and his imaginary band.' I heard some samples and was very impressed . . . . . . Perhaps even arrange a competition or promotion."
-Liam Thompson
"I heard some tunes by Paranoid Larry. Mindblowing! And what a band! What kick!"
-Geoff B.

"5 Stars!!. My album of the year! Still in my iPod after 2 months.
-Jennifer B. Bronx, NY

"Larry - Your cd, with the video, is a HOOT! Very cool!"
-Rick S. East Orange, NJ

"Could you e-mail me the lyrics to "Jesus Shaves"? Heard the Bitchin' Babes do it in concert. They did a fine job and should make it a part of their regular repertoire. I have wanted to do it ever since. I just think the song should be heard".
-John M. Charlestown, MD

"Video for "Undercover Cop" is spoo-o-o-ky but freakishly catchy".
-John C. Mayfield Village, OH